Diwali Exhibition 2017 | #SimmyGhatt at Peepul Centre Leicester

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So last year I held a pop up exhibition stall at the Peepul Centre in Leicester to tie in with their Diwali Celebration - think food, drink, live performances, kids activities, clothing & homewares with so much more for sale! 

The event in general - AWESOME! I've never had so many amazing people to meet before (including Leicester Mela - you guys were truly inspirational to me too!), but it was great to meet other independent business owners and family run businesses together in one spot - the guys opposite us - you guys had the best cookies out there hands down! 

But it sparked new ideas for artwork with many of you asking for special requests, different types of artworks and even commission pieces - yep - all of this is possible still (take a wonder over to the contact page and hit me up!) 

So catch some of the highlights...

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