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Hybrid Youth Market 2.0 - #simmyghattxvikkainth An amazing experience yet again being able to take part in another #hybridyouthmarket hosted by @the_community_giants - although i was on shift at the gym in the morning, @vik.kainth did an absolutely incredible job to showcase the best of our work in a stunning way! If anyone joined on the livestreams you know we're all just love and banter, but the day was amazing, met some amazing people - huge thankyou to @gho5t__af & & Priya for taking time out to pop over too it was appreciated 🤗 we came back bigger & better but this is still only the beginning with more events planned for later this year starting with an August cook out (keep an eye on our pages for updates!) Hope to see you guys again soon, all our work is available to buy online too so please check out www.simmyghatt.com 

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Haha guys today's been awesome! Met so many amazing people who understand, appreciate and wanted to support mine & @vik.kainth's artwork - apologies for the random crap we spew on live stream 😂- definitely loads more of these to come that's for sure so watch this space. For my first ever exhibition sale type thing this has been an experience and a good one at that and couldn't ask to share it with anyone else other than @vik.kainth. HUGE THANKYOU to @the_community_giants & more importantly @shetalthakrar for the opportunity - this wouldnt have happened without you! All of the limited editions I've been promoing are still up for sale through shopify or DM me! Been a beautiful day in Leicester minus the wind tantrums but catch you guys soon! Pics coming soon! 👌❤ #LEICESTER #simmyghattxvikkainth #exhibition #popupevent #popupshop #leicestermarket #artists #sales #mandala #digitalillustration #vk #vikkainth #simmyghatt #powerteam #myoneandonly #thecommunitygiants @le1market #thisisleicester

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So I had the privilege of taking part with The Community Giants Hybrid Youth Market across the summer - including 2 market stall events and an amazing Caribbean Cookout in August with food & festivities. 
A huge highlight - being able to meet people who shared the same love as me with mandalas and all things patterned! 
To sum it up - the Hybrid Youth Market was brought about to change the face of how society sees youth and the younger generation these days - rather than presuming they're all up to no good, it gives young people within the Leicester community a chance to get involved and gain real working life experiences and skills needed to help brush up their CVs and enable them to move forward with a positive mindset and working attitude towards building a career.
I was lucky enough to be working alongside John and the rest of the Community Giants team to put forward myself as a newly established freelance illustrator and social media manager to showcase my work and talk to others about freelancing and all that comes with it whilst being only 21!

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