Leicester Town Mela 2017 | #SimmyGhatt

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 The first ever one and such an experience it was! I took part in being a joint stall holder at Leicester Mela this year with fellow artist Vik Kainth. 

Being the first time I'd ever been a retailer at a mela before, it was something totally new and different for me - but I loved it! Meeting other artists including Kully Rehal and Dina (The Playful Indian) really reminded me that every independent artist has to start somewhere, but that I was in the right place for my artwork! 

I had met some lovely and amazing customers, each who had supported my artwork in amazing shapes and forms be it by purchasing a print, ordering a bespoke job or even just sharing my work on their social media for further publicity and just simply saying aloha! 

Being a successful day with sales and commissions being placed and ordered, Leicester Mela was a brilliant experience. The vibe and atmosphere never failed to amaze me as I had attended most years being born in Leicester and the amount of people who come by is simply incredible. Performances and music were on across the day and there was plenty of goods and food to last you a lifetime! 

I hope to return to Leicester Mela again soon with new artwork and more variety and styles, however all of the artwork shown on display on the day is available to shop online - for custom colour requirements simply drop me a message via the contact form with colours and sizes and a custom invoice can be arranged and sent over! In the meantime, catch a few of the stall snaps below!


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