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Commission Events Mandala

So you all may have noticed that on the website there is now a 'personalised backdrop' option with a little bit of info on what it's all about. Consider this the 'more information' part of that page and how that option came about! 

Being a private commission initially for my dad's big 50th birthday and being a party held in a bar/restaurant venue, we had a huge feature wall to cover and there was the birth of the idea of creating a "feature photo wall" - which required a personalised backdrop. 

Wanting to mark the occasion and create a similar replica style of a red carpet wall, I took one of my previously designed mandalas and worked into it with a bespoke logo to create a base concept initially for the backdrop. Given it was sized at around 6ft height X 7ft width, my ultimate priority was making sure the design was going to show and be printed crystal clear - there's nothing worse than a largely noticeable pixelated piece of art. 

The design itself was simple, and took to a brick-repeat layout throughout with one focal mandala in the centre. And it worked! Rather than having bare naked walls showing in photos on a special occasion as this was, it helped to tie in photos as memorabilia without the expenditure of hiring a photobooth or selfie pod! 

Personalised backdrops are perfect for so many events - even the likes of corporate exhibitions where your budget might be slightly tighter than hiring lots of kit, you can still create your own feature space for photos having it branded and bespoke designed to you at any size. From weddings to parties, exhibitions or even corporate events and promotions - I work with you throughout the whole process to ensure your backdrop is designed and printed to the highest standard for the next best option to hiring a photo booth! 

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