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So being off the scenes for a while and working 9-5 is tough, particularly when you're trying to manage freelancing and your normal day job but it's slowly coming back! One of the things to bring me back - a digital portrait request for a friend of mine. 

It was his mum's 55th birthday a day after mine and 10 days before he requested a digital portrait of one his favourite photos of them together. With our current Coronavirus situation it naturally put a strain on printing demands and delivery times so to avoid this we opted for himself to handle printing and getting it shipped direct to his door the day before, which left me with 5 days (well evenings) to create this portrait! 

Requirements: photo retouch on the original to fix the lighting colour, sized at A3, initially a plain background (opted on a Mandala background in the end), a high quality finish for print

It was a challenge to say the least under such tight deadlines with at least 8 hours of my days already being dedicated to work, however it was great to see the progression of the piece come along so quickly! Initially working my way up from the bottom to top per person - starting with his mum first, I worked with the pen tool to create each layer individually giving me full control over each shape, shade and line weight. Working with multiple photo retouches even throughout once the initial colour retouch was done first also proved a little difficult so it didn't keep throwing off the skin shades, however I managed to get this to as close a match as possible.

The end result was fantastic - we allowed for a round about 20% digital discrepancy between photo and portrait to showcase the difference rather than being too photo realistic. The portrait was printed onto a 200gsm Silk for a subtle sheen finish to it in the sun. Safe to say his mum absolutely LOVED the end result - as did I! 

For your own digital portrait or to discuss ideas around it, get in touch via my contact-us page! Please note, if the commission is due under a tight deadline (less than 10 days), I will discuss prices with you separately on initial request. 

There's a few requirements and things to consider with pricing starting out at the below:
- a high resolution photo a minimum of 5mb in size
- guidance on how "photo realistic" you'd like it to be
- preference stated on a circular mandala or rectangular border or mandala background

*commissions of religious figures/idols or any celebrity fan art - please contact separately for this. Printing & shipping/delivery. This will be quoted separately based upon individual print requirements and turnaround times. Prices stated below are to supply the portrait at a print ready size and format (PDF) - JPEGs and PNGs are supplied as standard.


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