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Private Commission - Zaib's Kingdom | #SimmyGhatt

So I have a close one to me who had always asked for a personal commission piece that represented them and was totally unique. Having a powerful name as they do - Shahzaib - I began there as the basis for the piece, hence the name, 'Zaib's Kingdom'.
Having told me their name meant 'lion' in Urdu, I used this to research the true meaning and depth behind their name which lead me to reading this: 

"Shahzaib name meaning in Urdu – The name Shahzaib is an Arabic Muslim name which translates to “Crown of a King” and “Like a King”. Shahzaib name meaning in Urdu is “Badshah ka takht”. Shahzaib meaning is associated with bold, independent, security, leadership, and balance. People with this name are spiritually intense and charming."

Having read that, I had the basic key focus of my piece in place and began the design of a layered mandala complete with his name representation, a crowned lion fit to resemble a king. I began with a rough concept using my existing works and a lion reference from the good old interweb.  

I began first designing the lion, looking at references from others online and their styles of work, focusing on depth, detail and even facial placement and angles to ensure it was going to be 'the one' that was right. Looking at crown styles and how to angle it right, designing the lion overall as a vector and focusing in on smaller details and shading elements took around 5 hours.

Zaibs Kingdom Commission by SimmyGhattThe principle design of working a layered mandala came from my first layered piece - 'Om Mandala', and taking that into consideration I began to design with an idea in mind of having powerful yet simple mandalas to be suited for a backdrop, that would emphasise having a lions head in front of it. With this all in mind and having completed the lion, I decided the piece would be best as portrait, being a lion and king of the jungle, it felt right to have an abstract way of representing the hierarchy in the piece - not having the design equal and visually go lower meant it placed the lions head at the top and tied into the name as the final finishing touch.

Choosing black and gold was a weird struggle for me as I had the temptation to work with more colour, but I wanted to focus on 2 prime colours and a range of gold gradients to emphasise the simplicity behind it, the elegance, royalty. The piece overall was complete within a day (around 10 hours) with all amends and colour shades tried and tested. I found it to be the first piece I had created where the name was what I had first, and the work stemmed from there.

I love creating commission pieces as it makes it so much more personal to the recipient knowing that it's bespoke for them, to them, their traits, their personality - it really does go as far as that for me when designing! Get in touch to discuss requirements and specs for your very own custom piece or project by heading over to the contact page or dropping me a line on social media! 

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