Product Update: 11oz Mandala Mugs via Redbubble

Mandala Redbubble

So if you caught my stories on socials the other day, you'd know I recently placed another Redbubble order for some of my 11oz Mandala designed mugs! Once again I must say I'm super impressed with Redbubble's delivery time as I placed the order on the 22nd March and it arrived on the 25th March! Within 3 days I received my 4 mugs - each different from one another but still looking amazing! 
So which ones did I order? Synergy, Tokyo, Leaved & 50Floral - reasons behind? I wanted to create a set that I could gift as a moving in present to loved ones - something that looked similar but each had their own unique touch so you could tell they were a set without being exactly the same, but also different enough to be able to showcase each design (and so I could quality check the print of each of them without having to place an order 4 times!) 
Ok so one big thing I have to cover - packaging and protection of the mugs via shipping and how well this was done by Redbubble, I mean huge kudos to them here! So how many times have we all ordered from Amazon and they send out ridiculously huge boxes with a waste of padding for the tiniest things? Well Redbubble combatted this with 1 box to accommodate all 4 mugs - a strong, heavy duty card that acted as the whole packaging box but also had the mug storage built in - the net template meant that it could have almost 2 arms fold outwards whilst still being attached to the packaging to be a safety net for the mugs, which were sat securely into cut out indents securing all 4 sides including the handles (which I find always get left uncovered when bought from a shop for some weird reason)! Check out how cool it is:
So safe so say I was pretty damn impressed at that point, but here's what I'm loving overall about these on a genuine level because as we all know, I'm an advocate for investing to buy in your own products to see what they come out like before any of you guys choose to support and buy too:
  • They're dishwasher & microwave safe meaning hot-chocolates and the CBA to wash up moods are unaffected and fine to do with these! 
  • Heavyweight and feel durable
  • Print has come out super clear and every detail has been transferred across (which is always a nerve-wracking part for me since I draw with such depth and fine lines!) 
  • Design wraps almost the full way around (only a small plain panel where the handle is) to ensure full coverage - but of course this is dependent on the design chosen on Redbubble 
  • Genuinely true to pictures shown on Redbubble! No fakeness, no dodgy mockups and different to what's shown which is also super reassuring for me

This isn't a sale pitch by the way, it's just my way of being able to show you guys that this is the reason why I retail on Redbubble. It sucks sometimes having to use third party suppliers being a start up because it means you have to do mass production just to get decent rates and if you don't, I have to charge a fortune to sell them! (And let's face it, this isn't nice for anyone and few support, but realistically this is more about sharing my work than the money for me). This way I get to share my designs with you in so many different ways via a print on demand service that I can actually trust the quality of and it's packaged and shipped straight to your door with my head assured that it'll be delivered safely and securely! 

I have to believe in the quality of my product and what I sell and even down to the bare basics of making sure my prints are on a heavy weight stock enough that I feel happy being able to price for! Do check out my Redbubble and let me know what you guys think - even if it's colour variations you'd like to see or designs that aren't up there yet but are on my website, hit me up! Redbubble is there to suit you guys so you can have different artwork readily available in a format that suits you and your life - simples :) 

Mugs are available to shop directly on my Redbubble here!

Appreciate the love and support as always.

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