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So you would have caught the initial story spam about this one, and it baffles me if you didn't because I've practically posted about this tee 100s of times already! But it's the first one of my t-shirt's I've ordered from Redbubble, so it's the first random quality check I've done on their apparel, and I'm in love. 
Now a heads up, it does have the fresh new manufactured t-shirt smell to it when you first open the bag - although I can't complain at this, more of a forewarning! 
In terms of first ordering, it came ridiculously quick from Redbubble! Within a week I had placed and received my t-shirt so this for me was essential, it meant I knew shipping times post covid are back to normal and actually orders are coming out really quick again - less waiting time = happy orders and a happy Sim! 
So of course it became the necessity to wear this out on the first day and first week and then again to the office - we need outfit tests with new clothes always! Now black being my comfort zone, it's super quick and easy to pair with absolutely anything, so I opted for a smart/casual look both times of wearing and was pleasantly surprised. What made my day though - how many stares this t-shirt got because of the fact it's standout-ish enough to draw attention, yet still subtle enough to blend in to the crowd. The details however, the details are what does it for me. Every intricate line that was designed on first draw has been replicated perfectly on print, so it maintains that clear, crisp quality I was really looking for! 
So here's what I'm loving overall about this tee on a genuine level because as we all know, I'm an advocate for investing to buy in your own products to see what they come out like before any of you guys choose to support and buy too:
  • Machine washable - and it holds the print! So I've tested washing this tee after every wear (I'm up to about 5 wears at this point) and the print is still CRISP! I've not lost any detail, it still looks as sharp as it first did when I opened it up from the redbubble packaging. Oh, and it still maintains softness (this is key!)
  • Lightweight & durable - although it's a Gildan 'Heavy Cotton' t-shirt, it's still super lightweight meaning I don't die wearing it in heat (yes I'm the kid who wears black in sunshine) and doesn't feel heavy on your skin although that doesn't mean it'll give up and be a binned purchase super quickly!
  • Boxy fit - given this version of the tshirt I ordered is unisex, it means it's got a slightly box fit approach to the tailoring. Now this I love, as I'm not always a fan of figure hugging clothes (I eat a lot), so it makes it super easy to do a relaxed fit approach to all outfits and make it easy enough to suit both men and women
  • Option to choose print location - now this one I love, thanks to redbubble being the manufacturer for me here, there's the option to print on the front or the back of the tee depending on where you want people to stare! I opted for the front (long hair means the back will almost always be covered), but there's options to suit however you want to style! 
  • Easy to iron - and it's actually fine to iron over the print too, although I don't recommend doing this (I just had to test it). Super quick to iron and it doesn't require heavy amounts of steam to keep it crease free, but once ironed, it thankfully doesn't crease too quickly or easily - we can thank the heavyweight cotton for that 
  • Multiple colour options and sizing options available - and it's quick and easy to know which size will fit you thanks to Redbubble using Gildan t-shirts - check the average size guide here

This isn't a sale pitch by the way, it's just my way of being able to show you guys that this is the reason why I retail on redbubble. It sucks sometimes having to use third party suppliers being a start up because it means you have to do mass production just to get decent rates and if you don't, I have to charge a fortune to sell them! This way I get to share my designs with you in so many different ways via a print on demand service that I can actually trust the quality of. 

I have to believe in the quality of my product and what I sell and even down to the bare basics of making sure my prints are on a heavy weight stock enough that I feel happy being able to price for! Do check out my Redbubble and let me know what you guys think - even if it's colour variations you'd like to see or designs that aren't up there yet but are on my website, hit me up! Redbubble is there to suit you guys so you can have different artwork readily available in a format that suits you and your life - simples :) 

Jai Yen - White on Black Tshirt available to shop directly here

Appreciate the love and support as always. 

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