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So I realised it was high time I start doing product reviews of my own stuff so you guys can actually see it too and not just the promo images I share generated from RedBubble! I'm a huge advocate for seeing products in person before ordering online - mainly because you can never be sure of the quality or how it actually looks, if it fits, serves the purpose, just the general stuff. Working in digital marketing on a full time basis I'm also super versed up on getting done for marketing a product that isn't as shown online or fit for purpose = I buy my own products to quality check them for you guys too! 

So if you caught my social media stories, you'll have seen I recently ordered my KINGDOM piece as a 13" Macbook Pro Sleeve via my RedBubble page. Well, given it was ordered on the 5th Feb - it came today. Yes. Today - the 10th February. AMAZED! 

So RedBubble often cover their back (being a mass product supplier and all) and often over-state how long delivery times can be - in my case I was told 25th February to 1st March to expect it. You can imagine my excitement knowing it came so much earlier looking amazing (FYI - I'm UK based and this was manufactured in France - not sure what it would be internationally!)

So what am I loving about it?:

  • SUPER SOFT INSIDE! It's basically like a massive teddy blanket feel - plushy velvet to the extent my sister rubbed her face on it... and I can't stop stroking it like it's some pet
  • Good density in terms of thickness of the material - it's certainly not thin and flimsy like some can be - the velvety/plushy inside adds to the weight so I'm fully assured my mac is protected (after all they're not cheap!)
  • Dual zip - open whichever way you please which limits the issues of zips being stuck when pulling just one side to another
  • PRINT QUALITY IS AMAZING! Ok so yes I'm biased but this piece I was actually so nervous about because of how many thin vector lines are on there that I was very scared weren't going to show up. Guess what - they showed up crystal clear like I couldn't believe
  • Plain black background so focus is all on the front of the sleeve

This isn't a sale pitch by the way, it's just my way of being able to show you guys that this is the reason why I retail on redbubble. It sucks sometimes having to use third party suppliers being a start up because it means you have to do mass production just to get decent rates and if you don't, I have to charge a fortune to sell them! This way I get to share my designs with you in so many different ways via a print on demand service that I can actually trust the quality of. 

I have to believe in the quality of my product and what I sell and even down to the bare basics of making sure my prints are on a heavy weight stock enough that I feel happy being able to price for! Do check out my redbubble and let me know what you guys think - even if it's colour variations you'd like to see or designs that aren't up there yet but are on my website, hit me up! Redbubble is there to suit you guys so you can have different artwork readily available in a format that suits you and your life - simples :) 

Appreciate the love and support as always. 

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