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Again one that got so much coverage on the stories and now holds a permanent feature in every single selfie - I recently ordered the Tokyo Mandala Grey Phone Case from my redbubble, and I'm in love. I'm biased of course, but as far as phone cases go for mass manufacture and a print-on-demand basis, I personally haven't found a better supplier than redbubble as of yet thanks to the brilliant print quality. 

Phone cases for me are essentials, especially when you're like me and a serial phone dropper, but I also find it's hard to trust in print quality of online suppliers or other companies who offer your own designs onto cases without seeing a legit finished product first or seeing it months after too! I'm happy to say 2 months after ordering (almost 3), my case still looks almost brand new, with just a few tiny scuffs at the bottom of my case (where I keep dropping my phone) but absolutely no other damage done to the case! 

So here's what I'm loving overall about these because as we all know, I'm an advocate for investing to buy in your own products to see what they come out like before any of you guys choose to support and buy too:

  • 3 options to buy - Soft, Snap & Tough - soft is the version I bought, since I wanted to test out exactly how 'soft' they are, and actually they are pretty damn good for coverage and durability! I'm a dropper when it comes to phones and the soft case covers all 4 corners and has a slight rim to cover the very edge of my phone screen so no cracks can form, whilst still showcasing the design perfectly on the back without any compromise of detail. A 1.6mm thickness with a 26g weight, and it's safe to say it's passed that test with me! 
    Tough cases are also brilliant - I had a customer purchase the Kingdom iPhone 12 Tough Case in December and it's still going strong - lightweight still yet solid protection for the full iPhone.
  • Covers most major models for Samsung & iPhone - unfortunately Redbubble doesn't allow me to branch out further than iPhone or Samsung, but it does cover models of iPhones dating back to the 4s as well as earlier Samsung's so that kind of balances! 
  • Easy to remove - soft cases thankfully make it easier to get to the back of the phone to clean and such should you need to, so it's handy for me to know they're easy enough to take off and it doesn't affect the quality of the print or case in any way (still no rips or defects to the actual material of my case or print to date from removing and placing it back onto my phone!)
  • Full access to all ports on the phone & easy to press through to buttons - again one of the common issues we can face with phone cases is ports being covered due to dodgy cuts in the cases or just not even taking them into consideration or the material is far too thick for a button to even be touched or pressed in to activate! Thankfully, I face none of these issues with the soft case as all ports are easily accessible and all buttons have their own covering to help emphasise the touch of them through the case.
  • High print quality & full coverage on the back of the phone - probably the biggest and most important factor for me! Soft cases due to the material can sometimes have a compromise on print quality, however Redbubble are geniuses with this and create what seems to be a form of layer that they print onto which is then merged into the case (although you can't feel any bumps or anything to say it's a separate layer!) to maintain a superb print quality! Tokyo was the test on this for me due to it's intricate design, and every single line pulled through on the print without a single flaw to be found. What's even better, the print continues into the slight groove that's shaped around the camera hole as well - I was impressed.
  • Still fits into pockets - again, a big deal for me since I HATE leaving my phone in my bags (I lose things easily so I need to physically feel my phone in my pocket - trauma of losing at least 5 phones over the years). So it's a big test to make sure considering I have the S20+, the addition of a case on the phone means it still fits into all of my pockets (joggers, jeans, shorts, etc) with no issues and doesn't feel obliged to start sliding out when I bend/lean/squat! It passes the pocket test! 

This isn't a sale pitch by the way, it's just my way of being able to show you guys that this is the reason why I retail on redbubble. It sucks sometimes having to use third party suppliers being a start up because it means you have to do mass production just to get decent rates and if you don't, I have to charge a fortune to sell them! This way I get to share my designs with you in so many different ways via a print on demand service that I can actually trust the quality of. 

I have to believe in the quality of my product and what I sell and even down to the bare basics of making sure my prints are on a heavy weight stock enough that I feel happy being able to price for! Do check out my Redbubble and let me know what you guys think - even if it's colour variations you'd like to see or designs that aren't up there yet but are on my website, hit me up! Redbubble is there to suit you guys so you can have different artwork readily available in a format that suits you and your life - simples :) 

Tokyo Mandala - Grey Phone Case available to shop here

Appreciate the love and support as always. 

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