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Private Commission | Digital Portait | #SimmyGhatt


So being off the scenes for a while and working 9-5 is tough, particularly when you're trying to manage freelancing and your normal day job but it's slowly coming back! One of the things to bring me back - a digital portrait request for a friend of mine.  It was his mum's 55th birthday a day after mine and 10 days before he requested a digital portrait of one his favourite photos of them together. With our current Coronavirus situation it naturally put a strain on printing demands and delivery times so to avoid this we opted for himself to...

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Personalised Photo Backdrops | #SimmyGhatt

Commission Events Mandala

So you all may have noticed that on the website there is now a 'personalised backdrop' option with a little bit of info on what it's all about. Consider this the 'more information' part of that page and how that option came about!  Being a private commission initially for my dad's big 50th birthday and being a party held in a bar/restaurant venue, we had a huge feature wall to cover and there was the birth of the idea of creating a "feature photo wall" - which required a personalised backdrop.  Wanting to mark the occasion and create a similar...

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Private Commission - Custom Mandala Canvas | #SimmyGhatt

Commission Mandala

 Oh yep - so custom mandala canvases are a thing! Well I mean, anything with mandalas are a thing really, but this commission was a pretty special one to me!  So my best friend commissioned me to produce a canvas for her cousin sisters wedding - theme: An Indian Summer, sized at A3. Including a bespoke design & print with delivery, it was definitely one of the most fun commissions I've ever taken on board.  Working with a range of colours (which as shown is not normally my kind of thing!), the final piece included the concepts of bringing traditional...

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