The Story Behind: Infloresence

Mandala The Story Behind

The one that took 3 years to complete, and the one that was also involve in the early stages of me drawing mandalas, Infloresence was born.

So this one was an interesting one, it was one of the first mandalas I drew that brought back a design I first did in 2007/2008 when I was obsessed with drawing flowers with big black insides and also taught me I can be such a perfectionist with drawing. 

Hard to believe because well I guess all of my mandalas make me come across as a perfectionist, and I most definitely am when it comes to drawing them these days, but Infloresence was the one that proved just how much I was as it was the middle section of it that took 3 years to complete - I was never satisfied. 

Now you're probably thinking 'but, why?! It's the same damn design in the middle just different inner petal designs?!' - well, I basically went through about 6 different inner designs that I wanted to suit or match the outer and nothing worked. It was one of the first mandalas I did where I actually designed from the outside to in, and trust me it made me learn my lesson to not do that again just so that I never get faced with that kind of brain block again! 

So the outer ring - why I designed that one first? Truth be told, I rediscovered my love for drawing those flowers again. I first picked up that design in 2007 in my textiles class designing with batik and looking at Caribbean inspired artwork to make pillow covers, sounds pretty funky right? I had absolutely no idea that 13 years later, I would still be designing the same flowers because there was something about me that just loved them. Huge pink petals with black inners for flat shadows (I still SUCK at shading by the way) with a massive yellow head, and it always stayed with me. It was colour pop like I'd never made myself do before but I loved it! And so that 2007 design made it's way back, but more evolved, just still in touch with my high school raw junior designer self. So I wanted it to be the main feature, the thing that catches your eye being like 'WOW'. I hope it worked. 

The colours? Of course colours had to be involved somehow, it was the one piece I committed to releasing in colour because as we all know, my style is usually black & white. But this one deserved the colour, deserved the vibrancy. The gradient version with the all white is never what I imagined at the start of being the end result, but I was so happy with it, because it was a contrast to the 2007 version I first designed being laid against a black background - it was bright and so full of life and what this Caribbean styled flower should look like! 

Insight into me and colour - I get scared of using it. Because I always had a love for black and white, the thought of colour scared me so much because I was always afraid I'd get it wrong. I worked with it at school but even then I used to keep myself limited with colour palettes, it was just easier for me to stick to grayscales and shades of black and grey. 

But since the original colours were pink, yellow and black, I wanted to keep that as the basis for Infloresence, so I made 2 versions. A version of all colour with hints of yellow and shades of pink, greens, purples and keeping the black inner petals in honour for the original and the second version with an all white basis of the design and the attention is the background - the pink with the yellow centre representing the yellow head I first drew. 

Now the name... the name, once again, just came to me. I completed the centre and stopped realising for once I actually completed the piece after seeing this huge gaping empty centre in it for 3 years and the same thought process as Synergy happened - "(sim typing into google): is infloresence a word?" So yeah you might be surprised, my mandalas teach me more of the English language. Considering I scored an A in my English Language GCSE, I don't seem to know a lot of it! 

So in short, 'Infloresence' as defined by google - 'the complete flower head of a plant including the stems, stalks, bracts and flowers / also the process of flowering'. And boom. "The process of flowering" is what stuck. It didn't make sense to label it anything otherwise. Mandalas, designing them is a process. They're guides and sometimes even a pathway to help us with meditation and consciousness and helping us to focus to become more in tune with our higher selves, that even this piece representing the process of flowering made sense. There's no stalks, no bracts, no stems, only flower heads, but the centre tear drop was designed to reflect a seed. The centre of the mandala, the centre of the world - an idea, a thought, a plant = stems from a seed. So looking at the both, they tied in together - we cover the whole process just from looking at the centre of the mandala to the very last outer ring...

And 'Infloresence' was born.

For those who wish to, you can shop Infloresence online here.

Thank you for reading & keep your eyes peeled for future piece meanings being shared across the blog and also socials. Feel free to share your thoughts, comments and even your own interpretations in the comments below or if you wish to let me know privately - I'm always social on emails and my social media channels. 

One love - Simmy. x

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