The Story Behind: Moroccan Buddha Mandala

Mandala The Story Behind

Designed in July 2017, about 5 years after I actually visited Morocco, well Marrakech for the first time - the designs, the colours, the vibrancy of their art never left me. So I decided the put the inspiration of their artistic culture together with my love for Buddhas and create Moroccan Buddha - replicating their colour schemes across backgrounds and patterns within the Mandala base.

So this one's a little different because you also get to see me 9 years ago on holiday in this beautiful city alongside what pictures actually inspired me that I managed to capture for the colour palettes, the shapes, the layering, everything. It's one thing I loved the most about Morocco - their art. Morocco for me was about colour, the sandy autumnal shades that last all year round - it's basically my favourite colour palette.

So why Morocco? Well, it was actually for my aunt's birthday and considering it was a big birthday in the middle of July, why not go abroad to someplace hot and beautiful?! I mean admittedly, hot was an understatement and of the days reached 52degrees so you better believed we TANNED, but to be honest, Marrakech was one of the best holiday destinations I've been to - good food, good vibes, amazing atmosphere for colour and vibrancy! Ok as an artist I'm biased with that last point, but seriously, still good vibes. 

So what about it did I love the most? Colour. Now it's ironic me who never really works in colour to say that I love the colour, but honestly, they do it damn well. Their palettes are royal yet bright, deep in shade yet vibrant in nature. And guess what, a lot of their designs - all mandalas! It was like HEEAAVEENNN! Ok admittedly by 2012 I wasn't even drawing mandalas nor did I know the significance of them, but I was drawn to them. The patterns, the details, the layers on layers of shapes and elements combined to produce something so beautiful. To be fair, for me it was like how people appreciate Fine China. 


So, taking all of the above into consideration, when it came to me being full flow of designing new pieces and new artwork, I actually re-stumbled across these pictures on my laptop, and bang, there came the inspo - I wanted to do a piece that reminded me of Morocco. I guess now you just got the meaning behind the name too now - pretty self explanatory.

But this one for me was also something totally different because it was one of the first few mandalas I designed that was all digitally done - from start to finish! Actually, I think it was the very first one... so yeah - total boundary breaker yet again and of course - colour. Yes colour.

So even though I designed it around having the Buddha as the central focus within it, I actually loved the fact I experimented so differently with my first digital mandala that I wanted to release the original base version too. 
But why 2 Buddha variations and what do they mean? So there's 'Rising' (Buddha based at the bottom), and there's 'Timeless' (Buddha overlaid on the centre of the mandala). Now if you read The Story Behind: Lotus Reborn Mandala - you'll get the base understanding of spiritual enlightenment and how lotuses can represent this symbolically as well as why the Buddha is always seen with a lotus flower too. So I wanted to continue that sort of spiritual enlightenment theme but represent it differently. 

Rising represents the Buddha's journey towards Spiritual enlightenment, hence his position towards the bottom of the mandala and having a basic upper-body showing - the climb and time it can take to reach nirvana, or our highest self. 
Timeless represents the Buddha's enlightened self - achieving the spiritual discovery and how he achieved nirvana, now being forever timeless and at one with himself and the universe, which is why he was designed without his body - by this point it's about coming out of your physical self and becoming your ultimate spiritual self, at one with the world. 

It was one with a deeper meaning but not just in a spiritual sense, but also in a personal sense for the memories and the influence I gained from other countries and my travels - there's still a fair more influence I gained from other countries including France, Egypt, Tunisia & Sri Lanka - but these are yet to come! And of course now that you've got the back story to Moroccan Mandala - you can explore the coloured variations here

Thank you for reading & keep your eyes peeled for future piece meanings being shared across the blog and also socials. Feel free to share your thoughts, comments and even your own interpretations in the comments below or if you wish to let me know privately - I'm always social on emails and my social media channels. 

One love - Simmy. x

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