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Mandala The Story Behind

The one that I can often look over and exclude when selecting my favourites, by like anything, we can never forget our own roots right? 

So Prequel for me was an interesting one (as are they all), it was the first dreamcatcher I'd ever drawn and to be honest, I loved it so much at the time, but now I do have a tendency to come away from it and more towards my second dreamcatcher instead, 'Tribal'. 

At the point of drawing this one, I had been so used to only drawing just flat, somewhat simple (until Synergy), "standard" mandalas that were restricted to just the circle and that's it. I mean to an extent, I can still be like that sometimes when I design now too, but Prequel was the first one that made me break away from doing just the one circle and instead, try and recreate my own style of something I love - dreamcatchers.

Insight into me and dreamcatchers - I've loved them since I was a kid (even though I still am just bigger haha). The concept behind them always fascinated me, how there could be infinite combinations of designs and very rarely would 2 ever be the same when handmade, and the fact that they were originally handmade!

There's something about the authenticity of them, how they've been around for years all just to provide the comfort to children sleeping. And for me, who suffered with nightmares for absolute years as a kid to the extent there were times I generally used to hate falling asleep and couldn't unless I was on the phone to someone (as I grew up) or had my sister in my room with me - dreamcatchers brought me comfort. Even as an adult, I still get nightmares and if anything they just grow more vivid and realistic as we wind up having more life experience and memories that can be played upon, I still keep one hanging in my room.

They were designed (as legend has it) to be hung above beds of those sleeping and protect them from nightmares or evil spirits - the spiders web in the middle would only allow good dreams to filter through and only those could filter down the feathers to the sleeper underneath, whereas the bad dreams stayed caught in the web. 

So I wanted to create my own. After relying on countless amounts throughout the years (I even remember that me and my sister had made our own once and hung it in the corner of our room - it was blue and purple), it was time to provide the same comfort I experienced and still do, to others who also felt they needed it and could appreciate the design behind them. 

But of course, this one had no feathers. So to me although it was a dreamcatcher, it was almost something different - something more evolved as if it could still continue sifting through the dreams even as the good ones fell down the tails - there's still more elements for the dream to go through before it even reached the sleeper. 

So why the name? Well by reading that last paragraph of what I see - Prequel felt appropriate. We think of prequels as episodes or films before we reach the actual current day storyline right, so this is what this dreamcatcher was for me. The first one to break me into this next step, touching upon my love for dreamcatchers but once I laid it all down, I knew this was only the beginning and slowly but surely I would keep refining this. Making each dreamcatcher bigger, better, more intricate, more authentic. 

Prequel reminds me never to forget the first of anything I've done, it keeps me grounded in the sense of remembering where I've started up to where I currently am and where my next steps lie because we all had to start somewhere. 

Since Prequel - I've designed another 2 mandala dreamcatchers - Tribal and a private tattoo commission design for a friend and each 3 are so different from one another that I myself look at them all together thinking "WOAH, I DID THIS!" It's insane to look back at how far you've come sometimes and often we need that reminder just to help us keep going and remind us that the work we put in, always pays off.

For those who wish to, you can shop prints of Prequel Dreamcatcher online here.

Thank you for reading & keep your eyes peeled for future piece meanings being shared across the blog and also socials. Feel free to share your thoughts, comments and even your own interpretations in the comments below or if you wish to let me know privately - I'm always social on emails and my social media channels. 

One love - Simmy. x

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