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Designed in May 2020 (still pandemic art), Royalty represented us as Kings and Queens in our own rights through 3 simple elements but confined to 4 walls. 

For the nature of how much there is to the caption, this one just has to follow the same structure as IN-SANITY where anything in italics is a new addition for this blog, on top of the original caption. Let's go: 

So this one for me was a form of therapy, calming the storm that forever builds in my own mind. And it hit me as I reached almost finishing designing the middle square, it just reflected the constraints of the power within us. Now I speak about this a fair amount on a daily basis and it's been reflected before in this series when I last spoke about Boundaries (you can read the story behind here). 

It felt royal, regal, elegant - even though this piece only focuses on using 3 main shapes. But why 3? Because it reflects us - mind, body, spirit. Emotionally, spiritually, mentally. We forget the simple things that make up our lives and the actual importance they have on them on a day to day basis... hence why this piece keeps depth and intricacy but a balance of space. We focus so much on the tiny details we often forget to see the bigger picture. Now you see why this follows from Zen and where my head was going with the effects of this lockdown - we focus on tiny details, that we forgot to see the wider effects of it all. Both positive and negative really, but the positive being the world healed. We were healing. We'd been given the gift of time and a lot of people had been given the scenario of not having to work via being furloughed that they now had the time to introvert, to deal with the thoughts they disregard and push to one side on a day to day. For once in a long time, we got given the opportunity to pay attention to both big picture and small details at the same time.

We hold so much power internally, power over our words, our minds, our hearts, our actions. Everything. I'm one who believes that our life is ours for the choosing. Many may and will disagree with me and say "its Gods plan", I too agree with this, but to an extent. Without bringing my own personal views too much into this for the respect of everyone who sees this piece, we really do hold power over everything that makes us up, our daily lives, our future selves. Who we become in the future is based upon the actions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs we hold today. So let's say it's both ours and Gods plan. And for the first time, I feel like you guys would actually be interested to know by now for the amount of times I've pushed my views to one side - you've learnt more about me now through these blogs to be able to see how my thought trails come about, so I'll share it. My journey down a spiritual path and science can prove things and believing in energies and things like that started from me asking a question to my parents one day about Sikhism and challenging it. Now me being the mindless idiot I was at the time, didn't understand how badly that could offend and continued asking more and more questions until it was a metaphorical slap round the face of Sim, wake the hell up because you need to remember your challenging your parent's whole beliefs and upbringing here. And from then on, everything changed. I started to discover more about energy and the law of attraction and paying attention to those kinds of things, and it led me to start challenging birth charts (which I used to believe in a lot) and scriptures and quite frankly everything. Which is why I say it's both ours and God's plan, because I live thinking can every possible decision and scenario we're in really be mapped out? One action can change a whole life path, so is every life path option mapped out? Now bare in mind I also live by a quote I was told when I was in the thick of my depression of "God only gives his hardest battles to his strongest warriors" - so it's not to say I don't believe in someone up there watching over us, it's just that my views on religion are somewhat different.

But what happens when we dim our own light, we deny ourselves our own powers, our own strength, our own confidence, abilities, passion, love, emotion? And I guess another question to this is why do we? Why do we do it to ourselves, cause our own self sabotage? At what point does it stop becoming a reflection of other people's behaviours and insecurities and actually become us affirming our own fears and triggers through other ways and means? We feel confined, we feel limitations, we feel constrained and restricted, borderline depression and a rise in anxiety and self doubt and like we're not achieving our highest selves because of what, - exactly that, what? What is it that constrains us? What stops us from being our best selves? We so often blame other external factors - people, the job, the lack of time, the toxic ex (which I'm guilty of doing every so often), but how often do we look inwards? 
The answer I've learnt - ourselves. They say "conformity is the jailer of freedom" and it is. I read those words over 10 years ago and they've never left my side since from Brendon Burchard's "The Motivation Manifesto" and I highly recommend reading it for those who haven't already, because the moment you realise how true those words are, are the moment the game changes. We all don't know our own power until we dive deep within, however and whenever it happens. And this is something lockdown did a lot for me, it forced me to heal (all 3 versions of a lockdown), forced me to dig deep and deal with my insecurities, my traumas and buried experiences and actually heal. Overcome those experiences and realise what my own power is again. We deny ourselves the right to be treated like the Kings and Queens that we are - living royalty in our own rights and lights. And even that in itself, how many of us can call ourselves Kings and Queens? Not just by our behaviour, but our words, our actions, our intentions, the purity of our hearts? It's something a soulful angel I'm blessed to call a friend of mine made me realise in 2018 when we first crossed paths, he addresses everyone as Kings and Queens and I found it the most beautiful thing ever - thank you J, for the many life lessons you have given me so far. So my final note on this piece, dive within, identify your strengths, project the love you owe yourself so freely, treat yourself and those around you like the Kings and Queens they are, and stop denying yourself the rightful life you've worked so hard to earn.

Royalty took the name because it was designed to remind us of our own inner power, own strength, the fact that our own versions of the world we live in is our own Kingdom essentially. I've been reading so much over the last 2 years especially a lot about reclaiming your own self power, how to say no, learning how to control emotions and basically everything to do with self power, reclaiming your life and learning how to enhance it through the quality of everything you bring into it - the job, the people, the experiences, everything.
Sounds pretty deep given I'm only 24, but the experiences I've had turned me into a people pleaser, a person who always says 'yes' just because I want to help as many people as I can - figured that was my life purpose too because I'm the kid who always challenges and asks 'why?' to absolutely EVERYTHING. But when I went through the breakup of the toxic ex (which actually still haunted and affected me in the relationship I was in at the current time of when Royalty was designed), more work needed to be done internally of learning how to change my life - my mind, my perspective, my attitude, everything.

Being an empath, it's hard to say yes and no without feeling intense amounts of emotions each time and also feeling bad if you do say no, because whichever way it goes you're dealing with your own emotions as well as the other person's even if you intentionally try to keep an emotional distance - I struggle so bad with this. But this is where Royalty comes in, because it reminded me that 'shit, I'm on the throne for my life, why am I always allowing other people unworthy of sitting beside me on it, dictate it?' The relationship I was in with my soul mate at the time - was one that will always be worthy of that throne, precisely for the reason that he's a soul mate, and I'll always see him as a King in my life because he means the world to me even if our paths weren't meant for this lifetime but another. But this piece always serves as a reminder to me that we're the ones in control of our own path, this waking moment. It's our brains, our minds that dictate to us what time we get out of bed in the morning, do we eat breakfast today or leave it because we need to be somewhere or seeing someone and actually you want to share breakfast with them instead. It's us who has control of our day to day actions which make up our bigger picture - saying yes to someone today to share that throne, is it the person you're grateful has impacted your life a year or 10 later down the line? Or someone you wish you listened to your royal family and trusted advisors on and left at the front door of the gate (to your heart). This piece resembles any element we assign it to - work, love life, personal life, mental health, anything - it's down to you to see how it resonates with you the best. 

I leave this piece around as a reminder that we're all Kings and Queens in our own rights and lights, how we choose to use the power that comes with that is down to us. I've already shared my life purpose is to help as many people as I can, however that is - through the words I right, the art I share or the advice I give in a random moment because actually for me those words are the ones that always stick too. Our families become our own royal lines and each person holds their own weight at the right time, the right moment.

Thank you for reading & keep your eyes peeled for future piece meanings being shared across the blog and also socials. Feel free to share your thoughts, comments and even your own interpretations in the comments below or if you wish to let me know privately - I'm always social on emails and my social media channels. 

One love - Simmy. x

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