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Mandala The Story Behind

The first Thai inspired mandala I had created back in 2017 and it was the very first that brought to my attention just how detailed and intricate Thai artwork can be, but it also made me fall deeper in love with the delicacy of their style of artwork and their culture, and gave me a new lease of perspective and vision.

So this one for me, holds a lot of weight - it broke boundaries, it broke what I knew and began to teach me change, perspective, new beginnings and more about myself at the current time. Thai Fusion broke the style of my mandalas taking shape of mainly Indian/Aztec inspired artwork and instead helped me to discover and grow my love and understanding even more of Thai and Japanese artwork in one piece - it was baffling, and beautiful.

Insight into me, because this is how I gained new perspective and also some form of new beginning with this piece. Let's take it back 4 years to April 2017 when Thai Fusion was born (and it was actually done on Vaisakhi - 13th April if we want to be precise), I was actually in a relationship with another artist who has done particularly well for himself from what I've seen, and we actually just came out of our first rough patch, 4 months into the relationship.
The hiccup was over the fact it was a long distance relationship - Leicester/London and for the weekend I was in London he chose to see another girl over me - sounds really stupid and really petty but I got pretty caught up over it, I only saw him once or twice a month and this girl was a complete stranger to him at the time that he managed to spend literally the whole day with (she does have a boyfriend and is also another artist but even still, it cut deep). Anyway, fast forwarding, we had a conversation about how I felt from it and he didn't particularly see the issue of what was wrong and refused to acknowledge saying I was overreacting and it wound up in us not speaking for 2 weeks. Within those 2 weeks, I felt like crap. I genuinely did. 

So within those 2 weeks I worked on Thai Fusion - searched for something new because to be fair he did used to inspire me to try new things when it came to my artwork and he also had a love for Japanese and Thai artwork that I decided to go down the route of trying out my first ever Japanese and Thai inspired mandala. It scared me at first, I was scared of going wrong and messing up and it not looking right or working and considering I always used to ask for his opinion (him being a more experienced artist than myself of course it meant a lot at the time, he was like a guide for me into this world of making something out of a hobby), it was a big deal to be the first one that I worked on without really asking for his input or advice.

Thus lied the new beginning and perspective - actually learning to listen to myself for once and trust in my own advice that I'll always create something meaningful, that works and even if it doesn't, so what? Art is imperfect, it's about the feelings you embrace when you create it and look back at it and the lesson it taught you along the way. For me, this piece taught me plenty - to stop seeking validation from others, to trust in myself and my own work and ability, to stop being scared when it comes to trying new ideas and styles and even if I was to make a mistake, to embrace it and build off of it.

Alright so how did it break boundaries? Considering up until this point, any other mandala I had designed up to Thai Fusion (Ik Onkaar Mandala v1, Synergy, Infloresence, Prequel, Tribal, Indifference, Petalled, Tokyo and Leaved) was all influenced by Aztec and Indian elements and the only real one that was different were Prequel and Tribal due to them being dreamcatchers - everything had the same sort of style and feel (which isn't a bad thing because it is now my go to style and signature almost). Thai Fusion was something completely new. New shapes, new elements, new details to practice and refine to get the shape right and small layer test patches to perfect before rolling out across a whole ring. It broke the boundaries of my style to introduce me to something new which little did I know would always have a huge influence on my work going forwards. 

So why the name? I guess by this point it might be pretty clear, it was a fusion of Japanese and Thai inspired elements that brought together the completed piece you see at the top of the screen and across my socials today, and for some of you, it lies within your home for those who have bought the piece from me. It was a fusion of thought, feelings, emotions, experiences, styles, cultures, all merged into one. It broke boundaries and reflected how I felt broken at the time, all just to make me stronger from the other side of it...

For those who wish to, you can shop Thai Fusion online here
Or alternatively - check out the timelapse of it below!

Thank you for reading & keep your eyes peeled for future piece meanings being shared across the blog and also socials. Feel free to share your thoughts, comments and even your own interpretations in the comments below or if you wish to let me know privately - I'm always social on emails and my social media channels. 

One love - Simmy. x

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