Update: New Website Theme

So as you've now noticed (or if you haven't then have you even explored my site before?!), the website's taken a revamp! I felt like this was needed, it's been a lot of change in my life personally lately and to be honest, this was something that I've been meaning to do for a long time but kept putting off. 

So why the change? Short and sweet - it thought it was time to start afresh. My work has grown quite drastically now and evolved quite a lot, but the website hadn't actually reflected that and upon reflection, it felt too harsh with capitals everywhere and that's just not me at all, well definitely not in my more recent years anyway. 

I promise nothing else has changed too much, but I did want to make you aware there's now a discounts page! I figured since it might be confusing and hard to remember the codes I post everywhere across my socials, there's now one reference point you can check out to refer to for any multi-buy discounts, and if I ever do an artwork sale, the code will be posted there too - check it out here.

Quite keen to hear your guys thoughts on the new layout and theme, I'm hoping you find it a positive change the same way I do! Drop your views in the comments below or feel free to hit me up on my socials to let me know too! Catch you all soon for the next "The Story Behind" releasing in a couple of days!

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