Wall Giveaway - Custom A3 Mandala Piece

So as many of you know if you kept up on social media - I did my first ever giveaway to celebrate the completion of my wall mural. I hosted it on Instagram, opened it up to all entries from those based in the UK and EU in Feb and all you had to do was guess how many mandalas were on my wall! 

I was so pleased to announce the winner on the 22nd Feb was my friend Niraj who guessed 150 mandalas, when the actual was 153! So the prizes he got to claim were an A5, A4 print from one of my existing collections readily available from my site alongside a bespoke A3 piece hand-drawn by me! 

For the A3, he referenced that he loved the concepts I did for the Ganesh and Buddha and wanted a piece that could incorporate either one or the other, so I decided to work with both together and make a fusion piece.

I decided on working with just the faces placed at the bottom in either corner, with a lotus behind the 2 to symbolise the enlightenment they hold and the highest states with a mandala behind ending with a Thai style motif at the top to complete the piece. Safe to say, with progression shots throughout, and keeping the colour scheme simple to black, white and hints of gold, the end result was amazing (which wasn't just coming out of my mouth!) A huge thank you to Niraj for allowing me to exert complete creative freedom with this piece and trusting me with following through a random midday concept for this A3 piece and cannot wait to see the framed result! 


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