My journey, your perception - meditative mandalas & illustrations
Simmy Ghatt is a freelance artist, making her mark in drawing mandalas. Having taken to it in 2016 with designing her first mandala for a wedding invitation, she began retailing designs in 2017 online and at markets. 
Working in a 9-5 is the daytime skill, however the out of hours passion lies with illustration, design and aiming to create something of myself, by myself, for myself and the others who choose to share even the smallest part of the journey with me. 
So why art - why mandalas? It’s a hobby, a passion. Art is something I’ve always loved from drawing cartoons and Japanese Manga comics to exploring patterns and learning to love and appreciate the really fine, intricate details and how these can be composed together to produce something so delicate and beautiful. 
Mandalas came by a lot of Instagram influence and posts I’d seen from the artists such as @MurderandRose and @InkArtNavi and I thought to myself - I just want to give it a try. That was back in 2016 and I’ve been drawing them ever since, never looking back once.
Mandalas have since aided me during my own spiritual path of self discovery after I embarked on this in 2014/2015 following from my first experience of depression and anxiety, and they have helped me to find a way to control and extract those thoughts ever since. Each piece I create holds it’s own story, it’s own meaning for that very reason. 
Since I personally struggle with meditation where others find it quite easy to keep their focus on their breath, Mandalas for me is my form of meditation - the way for me to clear my mind and focus only on what I’m putting out into the world, as well as whatever else comes to me naturally whilst drawing. Sometimes it’s self reflection, others are about the way the world is and what I’d love it to be, others are just pure peace of mind with no thoughts, just me and a pen(cil). 
My artist journey for me is about embracing myself, working out who I am and who I wish to be and if I can help others through that journey, that I feel I’ve fulfilled my purpose for what I know it to be as of these current days, and I can only ever hope that my art can be a form of aid in that to anyone who chooses to see it.
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